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Dr. Peter Varga & Dr. Andrea Tóth Dentist Hungary. Our dental clinic provides complete service in the field of dentistry from the simplest tooth fillings, dental porcelain crowns and dental bridges to the most complex tooth implant operations.Patients know well that Hungary is a stronghold of dental treatment and dental implant. If you have decided – just like so many of your compatriots – to see a dentist abroad in the scope of a dental tour, you are at the right place. Our dental practice treats a great number of patients arriving from English-speaking countries, from London to New York, at an affordable low cost and ensuring the highest quality. Treatments: dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns, teeth whitening, veneers, dentures & many more. The full list. Our dental surgery is located in West-Hungary in the small town of Bük near the entrance of the spa, which is rightly famous for its wellness services. Bük Dentist Hungary. Our skilled personnel, our dentists and the most modern materials and equipment ensure efficient treatments that measure up to the highest standards. We develop and modernise continuously so that we can meet all the requirements of the 21st century. You can find more information about our dental surgery and about us. The accommodation and other services at the Apartment House are available at reduced prices for patients of the Clinic. Yes, we speak and understand English :)



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Dental Clinic


We inaugurated our first dental surgery back in 1993. Since then we have built several surgeries, always in compliance with the latest requirements. We started to devise and establish our newest one in 2009. In our new surgery, we have once again used equipment and materials in accordance with changing requirements and most up-to-date achievements in the field, and in that way we do not have to make any compromises in quality. Our object has always been to solve all dental problems in our surgery, so patients do not need to see other specialists for any further aesthetic, functional or dental treatments. This way, the duration of the required treatments has been reduced to the minimum, for the sake of maximum comfort. We do our best to reduce stress in our patients. To this end we emphasize: short-term registration, a reduced waiting time before treatments, a comfortable and pleasant environment, an attentive and helpful



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Complete Dental Service


"VargaDent" Dental clinic & Dental Implant Centre


Our dental clinic provides complete dental service from the simplest fillings to the most complex implantations. Implantology, Aesthetic dentistry, Smile design, Fillings, crowns, bridges, dental prostheses, Dentoalveolar and dental surgery, Oral hygenie treatment, periodontics, Apical and panorama radiography



Complete dental service Bük Hungary



Dental Implants


Implant dentistry is the most modern procedure used to counter tooth loss. We have seen a huge development in this field in the past few years. Dental implants are made of pure titanium. The oxide layer developing naturally on the titanium, together with the special surface formation that results, cause the implant to be “invisible” to the body and to become organically integrated into the bone surrounding it. Titanium is unequivocally organic. Implantology is one of the greatest achievements in dentistry of our Modern Age. With the help of implantology, significant improvement in the quality of life can be made in cases which used to be regarded as hopeless. The procedure of dental implantology consists of several steps. After the screening appointment, we quote a price, which is followed by the implant procedure. The healing process takes three to six months. During this period (if necessary), patients can wear their old or new temporary dentures. After adequate healing and anchoring, the bridges or individual teeth will be placed onto the titanium posts. The implants will immediately function normally. Regardless of the nature of problems related to tooth loss, dental implants provide a simple remedy with proven results. We distinguish among three situations: one tooth missing, several teeth missing, all teeth missing. We use a number of different implant systems in our surgery allowing us to choose the best for each patient. Sometimes additional surgical procedures are necessary to alter the quality or quantity of bone in the jaw. These are also routine procedures, employed if necessary.



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Complete dental service

Aesthetic dentistry

Everything that serves the perfect smile.Aesthetic white fillings, dental prostheses without metal, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain inlays and crowns, tartar removal.

Smile Design
Everything that serves the perfect smile.A beautiful smile and harmonious teeth are not merely for their own sake. With the help of metal-free prostheses, we can offer a reassuring and permanent solution for patients with metal allergy.
Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Dental prostheses
Everything that belongs to “traditional” dentistry, supplemented by the most up-to-date materials and methods to maximize success.
Dentoalveolar and Dental Surgery

If a deformity or a developmental abnormality requires it, we perform an operation in order to restore the health of a tooth or the surrounding area, to rectify occasional alterations caused by inflammation, and to save the tooth that would otherwise have to be removed. We regularly perform such operations in our surgery.

Oral hygiene, Periodontics
The supporting structure of the teeth and the gums are responsible for our ability to use our teeth properly. Treatments in this area aim to restore the health of inflamed gums and to halt or prevent possible periodontal diseases. Such treatments are: pocket cleaning, medication, tartar removal, polish of the teeth and dental necks, etc.
Apical and panorama radiography, diagnostics
Our surgery is equipped with the most modern digital apical and panorama radiography (x-ray) apparatus.



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VargaDent Feelgood Dental Practice


Cosmetic Dental & Dental Implant Centre, Aesthetic dentistry, Dentist Hungary

Topics: Dentistry and dental implants, Semados, Camlog, bleaching caps cheap dentistabroad replacement Szombathely UK, Bük.



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